Co-authored by Michael Ebner and Nina Kumagai

The ‘Wild West’ days of Atlassian analytics; you can practically see the saloon and rolling tumbleweed. Ok, maybe not. But it’s just so hard to get real 1800’s era photos of software developers coding in a Wild West saloon. (Atlassians meet in San Francisco, 2019.)

Setting the scene: The dangers of having a Wild West Analytics culture

In late 2016, we shipped a game-changing improvement for Confluence. . Two years of sweat and tears went into this highly anticipated new feature that would enable multiple users to edit pages simultaneously. We can still feel the mix of excitement and anxiety in our Sydney office the day we ‘pushed the button’ and made this version available for download. Done! Shipped! A huge success!

Hold on. There was a small catch. We didn’t actually know whether it was a huge success. We didn’t know who was using it. …

Dr. Luke Hedge

Luke helps product teams develop awesome software using data. He also attempts to make listenable music. He does one better than the other.

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